Skin-to-Skin Babywearing T-shirt (Men)

Skin-to-Skin Babywearing T-shirt (Men)
Skin-to-Skin Babywearing T-shirt (Men)
Skin-to-Skin Babywearing T-shirt (Men)
$90.00 CAD

The first babywearing t-shirt specially created for dads. It promotes and maximizes the soothing skin-to-skin contact anywhere, anytime, with total simplicity!

No clips, no knots, no tie, no scratchy velcro!

Designed for the "masculine" silhouette - at the request of these gentlemen. Finally, dads can easily hold their infant skin-to-skin and benefit from all these benefits! Note: it is possible to share with mom if it is about the same size. A sturdy and / or sporty mom can also appreciate this style, since it is also possible to breastfeed easily!

(Note: it is a garment, not a baby carrier... So don't put it over another garment)

Model #VB010


Neckline Bust Waist Neckline Bust Waist
XS 13.5 in 32-33 in 28-29 in 34 cm 82-85 cm 72-75 cm
S 14-14.5 in 34-37 in 30-33 in 36-37 cm 87-94 cm 77-84 cm
M 15-15.5 in 38-41 in 34-37 in 38-40 cm 97-104 cm 87-93 cm
L 16-16.5 in 42-45 in 38-41 in 41-42 cm 108-115 cm 97-104 cm
XL 17-17.5 in 46-49 in 42-45 in 43-45 cm 118-125 cm 107-114 cm
XXL 18-18.5 in 50-53 in 46-49 in 45-47 cm 127-134 cm 117-124 cm
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